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Please fill out the registration form, providing as much information as possible about your family and your childcare needs.  The more information we have from you, the better we are able to select a great candidate that matches all your requirements and preferences. We will then review your enquiry and a member of our team will call you to discuss further, go through the costs and answer any questions you may have.  Thank you.

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Nanny Duties

Which of the following will the nanny be responsible for?
Cleaning the children’s rooms and bathroomsChildren’s cookingChildren’s laundryTidying and cleaning children’s play areaTidying the kitchen after useLoading and unloading dishwasher

What else will the nanny be responsible for?

What local activities are available to the nanny? (e.g. playgroups, parks etc.)

Any activities in particular you would like the nanny to do? (e.g. arts and crafts, messy play, baking, time outdoors, sports, swimming etc.)

Will you require the nanny to do any additional babysitting and if so how many evenings per week/month?

Candidate Qualities

Any specific training or skills candidates should have?

Do you require candidates to have Over 10yrs experience in the childcare sector?

Any specific approach to childcare that the candidate needs to adhere to? (e.g. child led, firm boundaries, attachment parenting)

Any preferred spoken languages by the nanny aside from a good level of English?

Any preferred personalty type? (e.g. outgoing/calm/energetic etc.)

Does the nanny need to drive?

Is there anything else that you think would help us select you the best possible match?

And Finally..

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Are you registered with any other agencies? If so, which ones?

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Snuggles nannies are trained in the latest neuroscience and child development findings.


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We provide attachment parenting nannies, gentle parenting nannies and child development nannies.