These guidelines apply to Daytime Temporary Nanny bookings and Evening babysitting bookings.

They are intended to ensure that the nanny works in a safe, warm and friendly environment and that the children in their care are safe and well looked after.

For our full Terms and Conditions please refer to  Temporary Childcare page.

  1. The word “Nanny” refers to any Candidate introduced by Snuggles Childcare, whether daytime or evening childcare
  2. The word “Client” refers to the person/family using Snuggles Childcare services


  1. The Client will receive a phone number for the nanny upon settling the booking fees.
  2. The Client is asked to contact the Nanny at least 24hrs before the start of the booking to introduce themselves and confirm the start time and location of the booking.
  3. The Client must make sure they are contactable throughout the booking in case of emergency.
  4. It is the Clients responsibility to inform the Nanny of any allergies, sickness, medical needs or recent medication.  It is not the responsibility of the Nanny to administer medication.
  5. It is the Clients responsibility to inform the Nanny of any sterilising equipment, baby monitor or any other equipment necessary for use during the booking. Although our Nanny’s are familiar with most devices they all work slightly differently.
  6. The Client will be contacted by the Nanny if the child cannot be consoled and is in distress.
  7. The Nanny is not expected to do any household tasks, ironing, laundry or cleaning other than tidying up after themselves.

Food and Drink

  1. The Nanny can prepare a simple children’s meal but is not expected to cook for the whole family.
  2. The Nanny must have access to hot and cold drinks as a minimum.
  3. For bookings exceeding 5 hours food for the Nanny would be appreciated.


  1. The Client must pay for the original hours booked if they arrive back early
  2. The Client must round up to the nearest 30mins if they arrive back late
  3. A taxi must be paid for if the booking ends after 11.30pm.  Uber and minicab accepted.

Hotel Bookings

  1. The Client is to arrange a meeting place with the Nanny e.g. hotel reception or hotel room.
  2. The Client must give specific instructions as to whether the Nanny can use room service for the children and/or themselves and the budget.
  3. The Client is to ensure the Nanny has a room key in case of emergency, evacuation or any other unforeseen circumstances.