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At Snuggles Childcare we go out of our way to find nannies that have a gentle parenting approach or attachment parenting principles.  We are finding more and more that families are looking for something extra in terms of childcare and our nannies can meet those demands.  We offer attachment parenting nannies, gentle parenting nannies and child development nannies.

Alexandra Davidson, the founding director, is a child counsellor and understands the value and impact of a good nanny.  Leaving children in the care of safe, empathic and kind hands is of the greatest importance and Snuggles Childcare is able to find nannies with these qualities.

From even before a baby is born and for the first few years of life a child’s brain has enormous plasticity, meaning that the way people engage and respond to the baby will have a direct influence.  Leaving a baby to cry for prolonged amounts of time often results in a clingy child that finds it difficult to feel safe and secure and has sleeping problems.  Directly saying ‘no’ to a toddler will often be modelled and repeated by the child, whereas using explanations will often result in a more empathic and less defiant child.  This is why employing an AP nanny is important for your child’s development.

Qualities of an attachment parenting nanny

It is important that your nanny is speaking and engaging to your child in the right way, using the right vocabulary and responding with the most effective approach.

Interacting with children in a playful, engaging, empathic and gentle yet firm way will allow them to thrive and develop both intellectual and emotional intelligence.

This is why Snuggles Childcare carefully selects their nannies to ensure they will offer the best care possible. We look for candidates that can demonstrate playfulness, creativity, imagination and empathy, as well as a gentle approach as apposed to tough love.

Attachment childcare

As well as having nurturing qualities, we also make sure nannies can hold their own and are capable of putting boundaries in place when necessary.  This is particularly important during the toddler years when children’s curiosity and sense of self is being explored.  Boundaries will be pushed and it is important that there is someone there to gently re-enforce them and guide them through this challenging time.  Our nannies understand the stages of child development and know how to respond accordingly. Our attachment childcare will help and guide your child through their milestones, gently enabling them to become independent individuals.

Why choose a Snuggles Childcare attachment parenting nanny?

With a training that covers child development and neuroscience, Alexandra is able to use her knowledge during the selection process, choosing only the nannies that meet the requirements.  Knowing the impact a disengaged, low energy and unaffectionate nanny can have on a child’s development, Snuggles is stringent in only picking the best so that parents can have peace of mind that their children are being cared for with love, kindness and affection by an AP nanny.

You will only get one chance to set the foundations for a well-balanced, healthily secure and independent child and finding the right nanny is vital.

If you are looking for a nanny in London with a gentle or attachment parenting approach, get in contact with Snuggles Childcare today to discuss your requirements in more detail.