Babysitting Membership for Repeat Evening Bookings

Our popular Babysitting Membership service gives clients 50% off evening home based booking fees for those who use us on a regular basis.  The booking must start after 6pm to qualify.

You can choose to have a preferred sitter, or a small pool of sitters that you can then book as and when needed.  This provides continuity for the family and allows you to build a relationship with your favourite sitters.

All our babysitters are screened using our comprehensive 6 step vetting process.  Our sitters can look after any age from newborn to 16yrs old and can provide specialist care including feeding support for infants, caring for children with special needs and following a particular routine you may have in place.

All our babysitters are gentle, responsive and genuinely love working with children. They will keep you updated during the evening for your peace of mind and go the extra mile to make sure babies and children are settled and happy.

You can have paid trials with our babysitters to make sure you are happy with the babysitter before committing to our membership service.

We have a simple fee structure.  You can take out an Annual Membership or you can subscribe to our Quarterly Subscription if you want to spread the cost or you only require childcare for a limited time.

Our Babysitters

Fully screened using our 6 step vetting process

Aged over 21yrs old

At least 2yrs professional experience (many have 5+ years)

Specialist and able to look after newborns, children with special needs and more

Qualified with many being teachers, nursery nurses, midwives, career nannies

Trusted.  We ask for feedback from all new clients

What You Get With Membership

Hand selected candidates to match your childcare needs

Opportunity for a paid trial before committing

Access to a pool of preferred babysitters known to you

Short notice request service

Qualified with many being teachers, nursery nurses, midwives, career nannies

Allocated preferred babysitters for frequent bookings e.g. every Friday evening

Allocated babysitters for ad-hoc bookings as and when dates enter your diary

Round the clock customer service

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What Does Babysitting Membership Cost?

Membership Fee

£100 for an annual subscription

£30 per quarter, cancel or pause at any time

Booking Fee

£10 per evening for bookings starting after 6pm

Babysitter Rate

£15 per hour for standard bookings

£18 per hour for special requirements

£20+ per hour for events


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