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Temporary Nannies

Whether you’re looking for last-minute emergency temporary nanny cover or a longer term solution to your childcare needs, we offer fully vetted nannies in London that can work on a temporary basis through our temporary nanny agency.

All temporary nannies are thoroughly vetted using our 6 step process and are matched with appropriate age groups according to their childcare experience and expertise.

Why Choose Snuggles Childcare Temporary Nannies?

Our database of temporary nannies are fully vetted and trusted to deliver childcare across London.  Our nannies are experienced, qualified, skilled and reliable and can come to a family home or hotel at short notice.

  • Long-term temporary nanny care for up to 12 consecutive weeks
  • Ad-Hoc temporary nanny care from a few hours to several days as needed
  • Emergency nanny care for short notice requests
  • Full or Part Time cover from 3hrs to 60hr weeks
  • Care for newborn – 16yrs old
  • New mother support
  • Maternity Nanny
  • Sole or shared care alongside parents
  • Overnight proxy care whilst parents are away
  • Home or hotel-based care
  • Outdoor activities
  • Sightseeing
  • Museum and cinema trips
  • Nature/park walks
  • Age-appropriate activities: reading, games, puzzles, crafts, music, baking etc

A Bespoke Service

Our bespoke service caters to all ages, from newborn up to teens.  We carefully hand-select nannies for every job to make sure you get the best match possible for your childcare needs.

Our temporary nannies can work across London from 4hrs to 12hrs per day, Monday to Sunday in family homes, hotels, offices and events.

We ensure only the best nannies make it onto our books.  Careful consideration is taken to asses attitude and the qualities that make our nannies the best out there.

Our Temporary Nannies Are Fully Vetted

  • Interviewed by us and assessed for attitude, competence and high standards
  • At least 21 years old (most are 25-45yrs)
  • Enhanced DBS checked
  • Pediatric First Aid certified
  • Reference checked (last 3 employers)
  • ID and Qualifications checked
  • Experienced with min 2yrs in a professional childcare role
  • Qualified in areas including Teaching, Nursery Management and Midwifery
  • Able to look after all ages from newborn up to teens
  • Vetted for their engaging, responsive and hands-on approach to childcare

Temporary Nanny Duties

Temporary nanny duties vary depending on the length of cover required and ages of children in her care. Duties can include shared care working alongside the parents as an extra pair of hands or taking on sole charge care of the children.

Duties can include (but not limited to):

  • Organising activities inside and outside the home/hotel
  • Facilitating age-appropriate play: reading, games, puzzles, crafts, singing
  • Meal preparation and supervision in accordance with dietary needs
  • Nappy changing
  • Bottle feeding & burping
  • Following schedules as outlined by you
  • Ensuring playrooms are tidy after use
  • Homework support
  • Adult presence for older children

Temporary Nanny Salary

£15 per hour is the standard temp nanny rate in London.

£18 – £25 per hour for special requirements.

We have a 4 hour minimum booking requirement.


  • £30 Booking Fee per day (discount for multiple dates)
  • £15 standard hourly rate
  • £18 – £25 per hourly rate for special requirements
  • Taxi home if the booking ends after 10.30pm (we’ll allocate someone as local as possible)

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Temporary Nanny Jobs

If you are a nanny looking for a temporary nanny job London, we have many local families, international clients, VIP clients and cooperate events requiring temp nannies on a short-term basis.  Temporary nannies London Register With Us and we can discuss how our temporary nanny agency can help you.

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