Temporary Nannies – We can help you find a temporary nanny in London

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Temporary Nannies

Whether you’re looking for last minute temporary nanny cover or a longer term solution to your childcare needs, we offer nannies in London that can work on a temporary basis through our temporary nanny agency. All temporary nannies are thoroughly vetted and have experience with the same age group as the family placed with.

Temporary Nanny Contract

Temp nannies can be booked to work a single day or up to 12 consecutive weeks.

A temp nanny contract will consist of place of work, hours, duration, salary, notice period (usually 1 week for longer term temp placements), duties, benefits e.g. use of family car and meals, reasonable expenses, disciplinary action.

Temporary Nanny Salary

Nannies that work on a temporary basis are paid between £10 and £15 net per hour depending on their experience and duties. For a last minute booking a nanny may charge up to £15 net per hour.

Temporary Nanny Duties

Temporary nanny duties can vary depending on the length of cover required. Duties may include working alongside the parents as an extra pair of hands or taking on sole charge care of the children. Duties including organising activities and play dates, meal preparation and facilitating developmental play may be involved.

Alternatively parents may require extra help during a busy period or their regular childcare may have fallen through. In which case a short term nanny will offer their assistance with all childcare duties.

Temporary Nanny Jobs

If you are a nanny looking for a temporary nanny job London, we can help you find the perfect family for you. We have families across the capital requiring temp nannies on a very short term basis as well as needing longer term, such as a 6 month temporary nanny contract.  Get in touch with us today if you are looking for temp nanny jobs.

If temporary nannies London is something you are looking for then get in touch and we can discuss how our temporary nanny agency can help you with your childcare requirements. Call us on 020 7177 2249 or email info@snuggleschildcare.co.uk