Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies

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Maternity Nurses & Maternity Nannies

Our maternity nurse and maternity nanny service offer experienced, qualified and fully vetted care for newborns. We carefully select candidates based on each family’s individual requirements as we understand the importance of finding the right match.

Our candidates are taken through our thorough screening process and only the top nannies with a professional approach and outstanding references make it onto our books. Candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and training, from midwives and nurses to high-end career maternity nannies.

What Is A Maternity Nanny?

A maternity nanny or nurse works post-birth up to 24 hours a day, 5-7 days per week, or part-time as required. It is also possible to have a maternity nurse or nanny for only days or nights.

Maternity care provides post-natal support to mothers and their little ones, ensuring this special time goes as smoothly as possible and mum receives the support she needs.

Full time maternity nurses live with the family in order to provide round the clock care, so it is important that the family has sufficient space in their home to accommodate them.  A bedroom for the maternity nanny is needed at the very minimum.  If a separate bathroom is also available then that’s a bonus.

Maternity Nurse Duties

A typical job description includes support and help with sleep routines, feeding including formula and breastfeeding, nutrition and any health problems that arise in either baby or mum. Maternity nurses’ duties may also include help with food preparation for the family and offer an extra pair of hands to help mum recuperate.

Core duties include:

  • Night feeding, burping and settling
  • Help with bottle or breastfeeding
  • Help to gently establish a routine if needed
  • Support and guidance with any issues that arise
  • Sterilising and preparing bottles
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Laundering of baby’s clothes


What is the Difference Between a Maternity Nurse and a Maternity Nanny?

A maternity nanny will offer the same support as a maternity nurse but will generally have less experience and not have a nursing background.  They may also help with older children in the family, although their primary focus is mum and the new baby.

A maternity nanny will have minimum 3-5 years of experience with newborns and will also have additional maternity nanny training.

A maternity nurse will have an additional paediatric nursing background and training, as well as several years experience as a nanny, hence the more formal term of maternity nurse.

How Much Does A Maternity Nanny Cost?

Unlike a standard nanny, maternity nurses are self-employed and therefore are responsible for paying their own National Insurance and Tax contributions. Although they set their own wage depending on their experience and the job duties, generally a maternity nurses London wage will be the following:

£180 – £250 gross per 24hrs for a single baby.
£250 – £300 for twins per 24hrs.
£18 – £25 gross per hour for days or nights only.

Safety Checks

At Snuggles Childcare we make sure all candidates are thoroughly vetted and have passed all relevant checks before any maternity nurse employment takes place.  We look for a hands-on attitude and qualities that best support mothers and infants during this special time.  Only the best candidates make it onto our books.

All candidates are taken through our 6 step vetting process:

  • Interviewed in person
  • Hold a current Enhanced DBS police check
  • Hold a paediatric first aid certificate
  • Have ID documents, visa’s and qualifications verified
  • Have checkable references from recent employers
  • Are assesed on an ongoing basis to ensure childcare standards are maintained


Our Maternity Nurses also have additional qualifications through relevant training schools, including MNT, NEST and Babyem.

Maternity Nurse Jobs

If you are a maternity nurse looking to further your maternity nurse career get in touch and we can help you find jobs across London.  If you are a nanny wanting to become a maternity nurse or you’re just starting out in your maternity nurse career then we can talk you through the steps of becoming maternity nurse.  We can also offer you guidance and advice on the best maternity nurse trainings and maternity nurse degrees available to you or nanny positions that could help get you were you want to be in your career.  Become a maternity nurse London and you can have a fulfilling and rewarding career helping families at a very special time.

If you would like to enquire about employing a maternity nurse or nanny in London and would like us to help you find maternity nurses, please get in touch via phone on 020 7177 2249 or via email