Nanny jobs in London

Looking For Nanny Jobs In London?

Are you searching for nanny jobs in London? Welcome to Snuggles Childcare.  We recruit the best nannies in the industry who are passionate about delivering quality childcare.  We look for nannies who are committed to providing a secure, loving and nurturing environment to enable children to thrive.

And due to our careful matching process, our aim is always for a long-lasting, happy placement.  If you’re looking for a lovely family, we can help you find your next nanny job in London.

The Right Match for Your Dream Job

Finding the right nanny jobs in London with families you are on the same page with is very important.  At Snuggles we take the time to match you with a family we feel would benefit the most from your specific experience and skill set.

What do I need to Register for Nanny Jobs In London?

To register for nanny jobs in London, you’ll be taken through a 6 step vetting process, before being added to our books.  You’ll be expected to attend an in-person or online interview, produce all required documentation and pass our checks before being added to our database.

Because it is important that all necessary background checks are carried out for nannies, we expect you to have all the documents required.

You must have:

  • Valid UK right-to-work status
  • Valid ID documents
  • At least 2 years of professional childcare experience
  • Excellent verifiable references from minimum 2 professional childcare roles
  • Hold an Enhanced DBS check issued in the last 12 months, or willing to get one
  • Hold up-to-date pediatric first aid certificate, or be willing to get one

What is the Registration Process?

  1. Interview: You will be invited for an in-person or video interview with us, where we will discuss your employment history, experience working with children and your approach with children.
  2. Vetting: We will ask you to send us your documents so that we can check your ID, UK working status, qualifications and references.
  3. Job Applications: Upon successful vetting, you will be added to our database and put forward for any suitable jobs we have available.
  4. Employment Support: We will guide you and your new employer through the employment process, making sure that you are happy with employment contracts and terms.
  5. Ongoing Support: We are here to answer any questions that may arise during your employment and help you find a new role when it’s time to move on.

References for Nanny Jobs

It is essential that you have at least two references from professional childcare-related roles.  You will need to provide verifiable contact details so that we can verbally confirm your references.  Families will also want to contact your references before job offer.  It’s important that you get permission from your references to pass on their contact details.

Making Your Nanny CV Stand Out 

Nanny jobs in London are very competitive, so a well-presented CV is vital.  You must make sure all important information is included on your nanny CV, and is neatly laid out, with appropriate subheadings.

To make your CV look professional you should include:

  • A summary of your experience and a little about yourself and what you are looking for
  • Work history that includes: job title, location, ages of children, a list of duties, and reason for leaving
  • A subheading for qualifications to include any childcare-related certificates such as safeguarding, food hygiene, nutrition, pediatric first aid
  • a list of transferable skills such as any second languages spoken, any sporting skills, musical instruments, and hobbies

Types of Nanny Jobs in London 

There is a range of nanny jobs in London, and sometimes job titles can get confused if a nanny is from another country.  For instance, a babysitter in the UK is someone who sits in the home during the evening while a child sleeps and the parents are out.  Babysitting is a casual job, that does not require any formal qualifications.

A nanny is anyone who looks after a child sole-charge for part or all of the day.  You could spend the time at the family home, or take the children out and about.  In the UK, professional nannies often hold childcare-related qualifications and have several years of experience working with children.  They are expected to have knowledge of child development, and be able to support children through key stages and milestones such as weaning, walking, talking, potty training, and reading and writing.  Nannies can live in the family home, but the most popular are live-out.

An au pair is someone who is generally young (16 – 20yrs old), and lives in the home with the family.  They have come from abroad and are in the UK to learn the language.  They take on household duties, such as cleaning and cooking, with very few childcare responsibilities.

Register for Nanny Jobs

Fill in our Registration Form today and we’ll let you know the next steps.  You can also check our available jobs by visiting our Current Vacancies page.