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Finding The Right Nanny In London

Finding the right nanny can seem like a daunting task. It is important that you find someone that you can trust and rely on and feel would be the right influence on your children.   At Snuggles we match appropriate nannies in London with the right families to save you the hassle of trawling through CVs and wasting precious time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Our philosophy aims to provide families with nannies that can offer nurturing, empathic and loving childcare.

We provide a complete range of full time and temporary nannies, after school nannies, attachment parenting nannies, maternity nannies and babysitters to clients across London.

We take great pride in the unrivalled quality of the candidates we recruit and our nannies are widely considered to be some of the best in the industry.

A Thorough Vetting System

All our nannies are interviewed in person and go through a thorough 6 step vetting system.

They are all required to hold a valid Enhanced Disclosure police check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), formerly CRB,  on registration with us.  This is the highest level of access and not only provides us with information regarding criminal records they may have but also includes a check on local police records.  This helps employers and organisations make informed decisions when recruiting, particularly when it comes to hiring a nanny.

We interview every candidate in person to ensure they are professional, well presented, punctual and have all the qualities we look for in a top-notch nanny.

Documents and ID are checked as well as visas and the right to work in the UK.

We follow up with minimum 2 references and make sure we speak to them in person.

Our babysitters and temp nannies are continually evaluated on their performance to ensure our childcare standards are maintained.

Safety A Priority

We also make sure all our nannies in London hold an up to date Paediatric First Aid certificate.  If it is older than three years we will ask that they renew their certificate by attending an approved first aid course.

Need A Nanny In London?

If you are interested in meeting one of our nannies in London the process is simple. Register your details online with us and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements. Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for, we will search our database to find appropriate matches and if no one meets your requirements we will advertise the position for you and vet all potential candidates that can then be sent on to you to interview.


Found your own nanny but need a little help?

We provide a screening service that can thoroughly check all the nanny’s references, documents, issue an enhanced CRB check and enroll on a first aid course.

If this process is new to you, here is a little information about different childcare roles.

Daily Nanny

Nannies normally work approx 10-12hrours a day, Mon-Fri, but this does vary. Their salary ranges from approx £300 net per week to £550 depending on experience, duties involved and region. Holiday entitlement is usually 4 weeks per year.

A nanny will look after your child/children in your home either while you are at work or alongside you, depending on whether it is a sole charge or shared care role.

Duties include the organisation of the children’s belongings, preparing and feeding nutritious meals, organising play dates and going on outings, facilitating play activities and age-appropriate education.  The nanny is expected to leave the home how they found it and are not expected to do heavy duty housework or cook family meals unless this is agreed before the position is accepted.

Due to the often demanding nature of a Nannies role, it is important that they have time to sit down and have a break. If it is not possible to do this during nap time then it is acceptable for a nanny to organise ‘quiet time’ with the children by reading or engaging them in a calm, quiet task for 20 minutes while she has a cup of tea.

Babysitting is either paid as overtime, normally £8-10ph, or time off in lieu. Nannies often agree to this as long as they are given sufficient warning. If regular babysitting is required then this needs to be clearly stated before the position is accepted. If weekend babysitting is required then this also needs to be discussed before employment commences.  It is advisable to have specific babysitting requirements drawn up in the contract so you both know where you stand with it.

Live In Nanny

Live in Nanny hours are generally breakfast time to bath time, but this does vary. Their salary ranges from £300 to £500 net per week depending on experience. Two nights babysitting a week is usually included in their salary and any extra babysitting is paid as overtime. A live-in Nanny is provided with their own bedroom, which is expected to have a TV and desk and a comfortable resting place for timeout.  some Nannies will eat their dinner with the children, while others may want to eat with the parents or alone. This is something to discuss in the interview. it is a good idea to find out what the nanny likes to do at the weekend or in her time off and who she may have over to the house in regards to friends, other nannies ect.

The Nannies duties are much the same as daily Nanny duties.  A live-in Nanny, however, becomes very close with the family and should be treated with respect and as a family member.

Mother’s Help

A Mother’s Help is an extra pair of hands around the home.  Because of reduced responsibilities, Mothers Help salaries range between £600 and £1000 per month depending on age and experience.  Child care is their predominant role, however, their duties also include light housework, running errands and cooking. Mothers Help have less responsibility when it comes to the care of the children as they are less experienced and often start off as Mothers Helps before going on to become a nanny. Because they often have less childcare experience they are not given constant sole charge of the children. Instead, they work alongside the Mother as an extra pair of hands.

Nanny Share

Nanny shares offer a more economical solution to childcare and can be a sociable alternative.  There are several ways a nannyshare can work.  For example, two families can share the same nanny all of the hours she works.  This is good for smaller families.  Or she can divide her time e.g. half the week with one family, the other half with the other family.  It is up to the families to negotiate a system that fits both their needs.  It is important that the families have clear communication and are flexible with a business-like approach, otherwise it can get messy!  The nannies salary is split between the families and the pay is the same as a live in/out nanny.