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At Snuggles Childcare we carefully select full time nanny candidates for our books to ensure quality is never compromised. We take our nannies through a thorough vetting process, only taking on professional and experienced candidates.

What is a Daily Nanny?

A full time or daily nanny will look after your children in your home either while you are at work or alongside you, depending on whether it is a sole charge or shared care role.  Most full time daily nanny roles are sole charge while parents work away from the home.

What are Daily Nanny Duties?

Duties include the organisation of the children’s belongings, preparing and feeding nutritious meals, organising playdates and going on outings, facilitating play activities and age-appropriate education.

The nanny is not expected to do housework, chores or cook family meals unless this is agreed before the position is accepted.

Typical Nanny Duties Include

  • Being responsible for the physical care and safety of children at all times
  • Supporting emotional wellbeing and development by creating a safe and loving environment through boundaries and rules, avoiding harsh discipline approaches
  • Supporting milestones and helping children meet fundamentals including weaning, walking, talking, potty training, reading, writing.
  • Arranging indoor activities such as arts and crafts, puzzles and games that promote fine motor skills
  • Organising outdoor activities and trips to parks and playgrounds to promote fitness and gross motor skills
  • Arranging trips to museums, zoos, cinema
  • Arranging playdates with other children to support social development
  • Supporting learning and academic development through educational play and games, and supervising homework for older children
  • Playgroup, nursery or school drop off/pick up
  • Preparing and cooking healthy meals, supervising mealtimes
  • Keeping toys and play areas clean and tidy, doing the kids laundry, loading the dishwasher, keeping general areas clean and tidy
  • Keeping the kitchen and any other rooms they have been using clean and tidy
  • Communicating regularly with parents about all aspects of care and development of the children

What are typical Daily Nanny working hours?

Full time nannies normally work 10-12 hour days, Mon-Fri.  Most roles are between the hours of 8am and 7pm but some roles can go beyond these times.  It used to be common for nannies to work 60+ hours per week, but this is becoming less popular.  Being a nanny is an exhausting job so very long working hours are less popular.

What is a typical Full Time Nanny Salary?

A nanny salary in London can vary considerably depending on the duties involved in the role, the number and ages of children, and the calibre of candidate.  Being a nanny is a high-intensity, very responsible role that requires a level of alertness, emotional intelligence, and skill that demands a high salary.

Since Brexit and the global pandemic, many international nannies have moved out of the UK, meaning that experienced nannies are in high demand.  This is contributing to the increase in salary.

Full-Time Live-out, 50 hours per week:

£15 – £20 gross per hour

£750 – £1,000 gross per week

£39,000 – £52,000 gross per annum

How do we screen Full Time Nannies?

All our Daily Nannies are fully screened using our 6 Step Vetting Process.  The candidates we carefully select to join our books have to demonstrate a real passion for child well-being, health and development in order to be placed with families through us.

  • Interviewed in-person/video
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • Pediatric First Aid certified
  • Reference checked
  • ID verified

What Qualifications do Full Time Nannies Hold?

All our nannies have worked professionally with children and we make sure previous experience is matched with the ages of your children.  Many of our daily nannies hold childcare-related qualifications including:

  • Early Childhood Studies Degree
  • Nursing Degree
  • Teacher Training Degree
  • Level 3 Childcare Diploma
  • Childcare and Education NVQs
  • Montessori Teacher Training
  • Play Therapy Certificates and much more!

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