VIP and HNW Nanny Agency London


We are a trusted VIP and HNW Nanny Agency for households based in, or visiting, London.  Our childcare services have provided exceptional childcare for royalty, high-profile public figures, celebrities, and other individuals with fully staffed households.  We place nannies in family homes, as well as serviced apartments and London’s 5* hotels.

At Snuggles Childcare, we ensure our five-star candidates are highly skilled and experienced, with a focus on discretion, professionalism, and reliability.  Our candidates are chosen for their dedication in providing an exceptional service with a loving, and hands-on approach to childcare.

A Tailored Childcare Service

Because our VIP and HNW nannies are very flexible and adaptable, they will meet your individual family’s childcare needs.  Whether you have multiple homes nationally or internationally, other household staff, or specific requirements, we can help.  Additionally, our nannies also understand the importance of trust and take pride in their work, delivering tailored childcare to meet your family’s requirements.  They will be discreet when required, and step forward when appropriate.  Which means you can rely on your nanny to meet the standards that your role demands.

Because we source candidates from a variety of backgrounds, we have placed fully qualified child counselors, psychotherapists, dance graduates, and teachers.  As well as highly experienced UHNW career nannies.  We aim to find the perfect match for your family.

Fully Vetted VIP and HNW Nanny Agency

Our candidates are thoroughly vetted:

  • Comprehensive in-person/video interviews
  • ID and documents check
  • Visa status verification
  • Outstanding reference’s checks
  • Enhanced DBS processing
  • Pediatric First Aid training

Because we take time to get to know the candidates on our books, we take them through our 6 step vetting process. Additionally, they are monitored for communication skills and assessed on their competence, safety awareness, and ability to work alongside others.

We work hard to find outstanding candidates that match your specific needs.  By guiding you through the placement process and offering a personal service, ensures your needs are met.  We can tailor the search for flexible working hours, international travel requirements, bilingual nannies, Montessori nannies, and specifically skilled nannies i.e. can play a particular sport, play a musical instrument, tutor on a particular subject etc.

If you would like to discuss hiring a VIP or HNW nanny please call us or complete a registration form and someone will be in touch with you to discuss your needs in more detail.