How Do I Find A Nanny Near Me?

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Searching for the perfect nanny can be a huge undertaking. There are many factors to take into consideration. You’ll find yourself wondering if they have the right qualifications? Are they experienced enough? Are they the right fit for my family? Is there a suitable nanny near me? However do not fear. Help is on hand. We will take you through the key steps to finding the perfect child carer for you and your family.

So How Do I Find A Nanny?

Word of Mouth

You could start with word-of-mouth. Go through local parent networks, classes and schools. A personal recommendation is a great introduction to a candidate and will obviously come with references. It is important though to check that expectations of the previous employer match your own. Every family has different standards and expectations around the role of a nanny. If you interview the nanny, run through their duties and responsibilities in their previous role to check they are similar to your own. You want them to be confident in the role you are offering. Clearly there can be an element of learning on the job, however it’s good to be cautious when it comes to chidcare.

Online Networks

You can go through a website that list childcarers in your area.  This is a great option if you have time to look through profiles and contact the nannies that match your requirements.  You’ll need to do the screening yourself and use your own judgment on whether the candidate is suitable. Be warned though, you will likely receive many applications and it can be time consuming.

Nannyshare with friends

If you know someone locally who has a nanny already and she can potentially add another child then this could be an option.  If she already has sole charge of two or more children then this may not be possible. However if the children are school age or she only has responsibility for one or two children then this could work well.  You’ll need to make sure the nanny is happy taking on extra children. You will also likely need to negotiate rates as she’ll probably ask for a pay rise.  You can split the cost with the other family in a way that is fair and reflects the hours she has your own child.  This is also a great option for socialisation if either yourself or the other family have one child.

Nanny Agency

A nanny agency will be the most reliable option and will provide peace of mind that the candidate has all checks in place.  An agency like Snuggles Childcare will meet candidates in person for face-to-face interviews and run thorough background checks.  At snuggles Childcare we have a 6 step vetting process in place that ensures our nannies are verified.  Using an agency will make your life a lot easier, particularly if you don’t have much time on your hands. Sifting through countless online profiles and then running your own background checks is very time-intensive.  An agency will offer support during the employment process, which can get complicated when bringing a nanny on board.  Employment contracts, tax and insurance are all important factors in the employment of your new nanny.

We hope you have found this blog helpful. Finding a good nanny that meets your preferences doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect.

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