Employing A Live-In Nanny

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live-in nanny boys doing homework

A live-in nanny resides in the family home and usually offers full-time childcare, but part-time hours can also be offered.  Employing a live-in nanny has many benefits including reliability as they are not having to commute, flexibility with working hours and are generally a more cost-effective option.


Duties and Responsibilities

Live-in nannies undertake all the usual duties of a daily live-out nanny.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Supporting emotional wellbeing
  • Supporting physical development and milestones
  • Arranging age-appropriate activities
  • Playing educational and creative games
  • Supporting milestones including weaning, crawling, walking, potty training
  • Taking care of physical needs including nappy changing, feeding, bathing and sleeping
  • Supporting academic development including help with homework
  • Supporting extracurricular activities including after-school clubs, swimming, instrument practice
  • Preparing healthy meals for the children
  • Supervising mealtimes
  • Doing the bedtime routine including bathing and reading a story
  • Keeping the home clean and tidy as was found
  • Completing daily nursery duties including tidying away toys, keeping kitchen and dining area clean after use, kids laundry, preparing school uniform and school bag


When off-duty, your nanny can choose to do as she likes with her time, although it is usually expected that guests are not permitted in the family home unless previously agreed.  The nanny is also expected to be discreet and give the family time on their own.


Live-in nanny salary

Salaries for full-time live-in nannies tend to fall into the bracket of £350-£600 net per week depending on the number of working hours and responsibilities.

Part-time live-in nanny salaries can be anywhere from £250-£400 depending on hours and responsibilities.

On top of the weekly salary, the employer is expected to provide a furnished bedroom (ideally double) with storage, desk, and TV.  Many employers are able to provide en-suite accommodation, which will be more attractive to a potential employee.


Find a live-in nanny


Finding the perfect match is our top priority at Snuggles Childcare.  We endeavour to source top candidates who demonstrate a genuine passion for working with children.  We only take on candidates who hold outstanding references and employment history.

To find out more about our live-in nanny placement service please call us on 020 71772249