How to Find An Emergency Babysitter

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If you’ve ever found yourself needing a last-minute emergency babysitter then you know how stressful it is.  Finding someone you trust at short notice can seem impossible.

When all your usual options of friends, family and last-minute social media requests have failed, what do you do?

Using a babysitter in an emergency

Babysitters are typically thought of as someone who comes to your home to watch over the children while they sleep.

However, an experienced babysitter can take on far more responsibility and be used during the day as well as the evening.  Their duties can range from getting your child settled into bed, to looking after them during the day while you get some work done.  Typical nanny duties can be expected, including supervising mealtimes, playing, arranging activities and taking care of a child’s daily routine.

How Do You Find An Emergency Babysitter?

There will be an element of urgency involved if you’re looking for an emergency babysitter.  You’re already running a tight ship and the added stress of finding a last-minute babysitter can feel like an enormous challenge.

The various options you have available include:

  • Using your network of friends/social media and nursery/school. You never know who might be free at short notice or who might be recommended to you.
  • Using an emergency childcare provider. There are several websites and apps that provide emergency babysitters.  But beware that they often don’t meet candidates in person, run DBS or reference checks, or have solid experience with your child’s age group.
  • Book through an agency such as Snuggles Childcare to receive a fully vetted, experienced and trusted emergency babysitter. We handpick the best candidates in London to join our books.  We carefully select the most suitable babysitter to suit your needs, even at short notice.  Our service is tailored to your needs.

All Snuggles Childcare babysitters are experienced, qualified, DBS checked, ID checked and reference checked.  They hold solid experience with a wide age range of children.  Many of our babysitters on our books are teachers, nurses, midwives and nannies.

Our emergency babysitters can step in with as little as three hours’ notice, sometimes less.

Use Snuggles Childcare for Emergency Babysitters

We understand the stress that childcare can bring when it falls through.  Therefore our aim is to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for all involved.

Our team of babysitters genuinely love their job and are passionate about working with children. This is why they arrive on your doorstep with a smile and a hands-on attitude to make sure your children have a fun day in their care.

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